Join Church Educator and Trail Expert TC Erkelens for a special 3 Day 
ONE OF A KIND Pioneer Trail Tour

Space is VERY Limited
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Hear the stories of the Pioneers from Seminary Teacher and 
Trail Expert TC Erkelens along the trail where the stories took place.

This tour will focus on Church History and learning about the different places along the trail. 
Hear the stories in the actual places that the events happened. 

TC has worked closely with Glenn Rawson to develop this itinerary to pack as many trail sites, history and stories from pioneers into 3 days as possible. TC has also worked for several years to help take seminary teachers and other educators to the trail sites. This trip is intended to build testimonies and help people understand the events and places and also feel the spirit at many of these sacred sites while learning from one of the most well versed experts on the Wyoming Pioneer Trail.

"It will increase your knowledge and testimony of the pioneers".
"I am changed because of this trip"
"I know the trail but this was a unique way to experience and enjoy the stories of the pioneers"

What will you say and how will this trip change your life and testimony?  Join us and find out!

Trip Pricing for 3 Day Tour Package

Price is Per Person
  • Own Hotel Room for both nights of the tour
Per Person
  • Shared Room (2 Queen Beds or King Bed)
Per Person
  • Shared Room (2 Queen Beds)
  • 3 or 4 People to a Room

What's Included in the Price?

  • Church History Expert - TC Erkelens will share his knowledge while leading each trip and sharing stories throughout the tour and at each site along the trail.
  • ​All Transportation from This is the Place Heritage Park in SLC: We will be traveling together on a tour bus. 
  • Quality Hotels - The trip includes 2 nights of lodging in Wyoming
  • Educational lectures and Stories all along the way
  • Park Entrance to This is the Place Heritage Park as well as access to each of the sites we will visit. 
  • ​Breakfast on Day #2 & #3
  • Lunch on Day #2 
  • Dinner: All dinners provided. On the 3rd day we will finish with a special catered dinner at This is the Place Heritage Park

What's NOT Included in the Price?

  • Flights - If you are flying to SLC you will be responsible to arrange your own flights and secure transportation to This is the Place Heritage Park to meet the tour bus.
  • ​Some Meals: You will be responsible to pay for your own Lunch on days #1 and #3 as well as any snacks on each day. We will stop at locations that offer multiple food options for the group.
  • Tips: Tips are not required but are allowed. If you feel inclined to tip the bus driver, tour guide, other team members helping on the tour, etc. it is up to you.
Confirmed Dates:
  • Trip #1: Mon-Wed July 3-5, 2023
  • Trip #2: Thurs-Sat; July 6-8, 2022
For all trips, a minimum of 12 people 
are required for each trip. 
Each Trip will include ONE  passenger bus.
Are you interested in doing a special Family group trip? Talk to our team and we'll see what we can do.

For ALL Trip inquiries as well as custom trip inquiries, please email

Be sure to include your name and best phone number to reach you at in your email. 
Pay Your Deposit today 
to Reserve Your Spot. 

$100 Deposit Per Person

We anticipate these tours to fill up very quickly. 
Reservations will be confirmed on a first come first serve basis based on when your deposit was paid. 

Once you have paid your deposit, you will receive a follow up call to choose your dates, sleeping arrangements, answer questions, etc. 

Please use the form below to pay your deposit for the number of people you anticipate to be in your group. Your deposit will be applied to the final price of the trip. 
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You are paying to reserve your spot on on the Pioneer Trail Tour with Church Educator  and Trail Expert TC Erkelens.  Travel dates will be determined based on our ability to fill a bus with the minimum number of required travelers. 

If we are able to reach the 12 person minimum of travelers, 
we expect to be running the trip. 
Each trip will only have a single bus.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is this Trip For?
This trip is for anyone who is interested in seeing pioneer trail sites and learning the stories that happened along the way. This trip is for anyone who is able to ride a bus for 3 days. We will be driving from Salt Lake to Casper, WY which is a 6 hour drive without stops. We will be making frequent stops along the trail sites to share stories and history.

Families are welcome to join the tours as well as anyone who is able to walk at least a half mile.
What Should I Bring?
We will provide you with a packing list but temperatures in July in Wyoming can vary. Plan to bring a jacket and a small bag or suitcase that includes everything you might need for the 3 days of the trip. 
Is there a detailed Itinerary?
A detailed itinerary will be emailed to you with your final payment invoice.  Generally 60 days before you travel.
Is my Deposit Refundable or the trip cost refundable if I need to cancel?
Trip Deposits are refundable if your trip date is unable to happen or you are unable to join another trip for the 2023 season. Once full payment is made for your trip, we will only be able to do a partial refund based on commitments that we will have made to the bus company, lodging, etc. We will do our best to treat each person fairly based on the situation but there is no guaranteed refund. No refund will be provided if you are within 7 days of your travel date. Any refund given will be at the discretion of the Amazing Vacations USA travel team. We encourage each traveler to have trip insurance for any emergency or last minute change of plans.
Can I drive myself?
No. Much of the teaching will take place while driving on the bus. If you aren't able to be on the bus you will miss the stories and the experience will not be the same. 
Do I have to wear a mask or be vaccinated?
You do NOT need to be vaccinated to join this trip nor will there be any type of mask suggestion or mask rules to participate on the trip. If you feel more comfortable wearing a mask you are welcome to do so but no person on the trip or the bus will be required or expected to wear a mask. If you are uncomfortable being around people who are not wearing a mask, we would encourage you to wait until a future time when you do feel comfortable.

There is a chance a store or hotel may have a mask rule in place and we would ask that anyone in our group be willing to abide by a store owner's request if they wish to use their services. 

By choosing to come on this trip, you agree to release Amazing Vacations and our team and companies with whom he works from any liability for any injury, sickness, disease or accident that may happen as a result of participating in the trip. 
When is full payment due?
Final payment is due 60 days before travel.  If you make a deposit later than 60 days before travel, your final payment will be due the day we contact you so that we can secure hotel lodging and other logistics.
Can I pay with a Credit Card?
Yes!  You can use a credit card to pay for your trip. You can also mail us a check if you would prefer.
Once you have paid your deposit you can expect to hear from our travel team within 5 business days to gather additional info from you and to confirm your travel date. 
(Business days M-F 8am-4pm MST)
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This trip is organized and operated by Amazing Vacations USA