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Year 2 VIP Compilation Book

This book includes all 52 weekly stories from Glenn's 2nd Year of Sharing Stories. 
This book will not be reprinted and is only available while supplies last. 

This is an exclusive limited edition printed book created for VIP Members.

Old Testament Stories
2nd Edition

One of Glenn's most popular books! This book retails for $29.95 and includes all of his Old Testament Stories he has told over the years!

This is the most recent version of this book!

Year 3 VIP Compilation Book

This Year 3 compilation book includes all of the stories from 2021-2022 that were shared as weekly stories. This book is not available in retail stores. 

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Year 4 VIP Compilation Book
(Free to VIP Members)
New Book will be Shipped in Late August 2023

The new book will include all 52 weekly stories shared from July 1, 2021 through June 30, 2022
(The image above is from the 20-2021 collection that was created for all VIP members who had signed up by August 15, 2021)

This is an exclusive limited edition printed book created for VIP Members.

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You will receive multiple invites, coupons and other bonuses throughout the year that are only available to VIP members.

VIP Story Database 
to Glenn's Stories over a
Thousand Stories and Growing!

The database is constantly growing but includes Glenn's stories from the past 20 years. It is a combination of all his radio stories, History of the Saints worked and many unpublished stories not found in any of his books. 


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Join Glenn's VIP Subscribers and receive exclusive story books that aren't available in stores as well as the yearly compilation book of the year's past stories and much more. 
  • Annual Stories Compilation Book ($30+ Value): Each July we will be creating a book with transcripts from all of the stories we've told during the past 12 months. We will ship the book around the end of August to all VIP members from the past year. This will be a printed book that will be mailed directly to each of our annual subscribers and will be a great resource for teaching and sharing with your family for years to come. 
  • Past Story Library ($199+ Value): Annual Subscribers will have access to a special website that includes all of our past stories that we have featured since July 2019. We also plan to add in past transcripts over time with the goal of making it easy to search and find past stories for use in your lessons or as a teaching aid. 
  • Stories behind the stories ($99+ Value): I often have a story about how a story came to me and we plan to record these stories and only share them with those who have subscribed.
  • $50-$100 VIP Travel Bonus: When traveling with Amazing Vacations USA, you are eligible for up to $100 discount on your trip. This discount is available for tours with Glenn as well as other tour leaders with Amazing Vacations. You can also apply this to any group or family cruise or trip that costs at least $1,500 total. The discount will not be honored for any tour offered through Fun4Less that Glenn may lead. 
  • You're Making a Difference: Each of the stories and videos we create as well as the website take significant time, effort and money. We wish it were free, but we are spending literally thousands of dollars to share these stories. Your subscription allows us to offset some of the costs and allow us to create new content that we hope touches many lives.