Gathering Israel: Missionary and Converts Stories

Discover True Stories of Conversion from Missionaries and Converts

Everyone Loves to Hear Great Conversion Stories!

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50+ Conversion Stories from Missionaries and Converts...

This is a book about conversion stories, converts and missionaries. It shares experiences and miracles about teaching others. It is a collection of inspiring, motivational, and instructional stories about missionaries, missionary work, and the converts and conversions that make up this sacred labor. 

Many of the stories are drawn from the past and illustrate the faith, hard work, and sacrifice that is required to assist the Lord in gathering Israel for this last time. These stories are a witness that this is the Lord’s work and He works with His servants closely to accomplish His purposes.

The length of the stories is perfect for using as a short thought to being a meeting, whether it be with youth, adults or leadership meetings. The stories are true and help remind us all that our Heavenly Father is there to watch over and guide those who are willing to serve.

These stories are available both in print in this volume and as individual digital files that can be shared. 

What Stories are Included in the Book?

Each of the stories are short (3-5 minutes) and ideal to be used in church talks, sermons, lessons and other teaching opportunities.

Stories included in the book...

Over 100 pages and 52 Short Stories shared by Glenn with his son who is on a mission.

  • Please Direct Thy Angels
  • ​Are You A Mormon?
  • ​Feramorz Young
  • ​Nothing Too Hard For the Lord
  • ​Confidence and Little Dogs
  • Dirty Little Irish Kid
  • ​I Knew the Lord Had Sent You
  • ​The Power of Joseph Smith
  • ​Eli H Pierce and the Angels
  • ​Fishers of Men
  • ​It Took a Miracle to Convert Me
  • ​St. Patrick
  • ​The Miracle Loaf of Bread
  • The Power of Sacred Music
  • ​Stop! There is Something to This Religion
  • I'm a Full Blooded Mormon
  • ​Shoot and Be Damned!
  • ​Orson Hyde's Mission to the Jews
  • Go Back and Bear Your Testimony
  • ​My Life Has Never Been the Same
  • ​​​This is All the Lord Requires of You
  • ​The Warriors
  • ​The Turning Point in My Life
  • ​These Missionaries Represent Me
  • ​What Have I Sacrificed?
  • And many more!

How Much Does the Book Cost?

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If you are buying a single copy of the Mission Stories book the Pre-Order price is $19.95 + Shipping/handling (Retail Price is $22.95)
We also offer a discount if you are buying multiple copies for a 4 Book Pack and 10 Book Pack
If you are ordering 10 or more, the price per book is as low as $12.49 per book

We hope that you will consider ordering multiple copies of the book to share with missionaries and their families. 

Can Missionaries Use This Book on their Mission?

Most missions will not allow missionaries to have books that are not part of the approved reading list but the stories in this book are ideal for sharing with missionaries in your weekly email communication...

And we've made this super easy to do by subscribing to our digital version of the book that will come to you weekly.

Missionaries are allowed to receive emails from family and friends each week. These stories can be shared via email and the missionaries we have been sharing these with have absolutely loved receiving them. We have created an easy and convenient "digital" way to help you share these stories with your missionary in an approved way. 

We know these stories will benefit and help missionaries, so when you order the book, you have the option to also receive a digital version of the book as well as a weekly email with these stories. Each email will include the text from the story in the book that you can choose to forward or copy and paste into your normal weekly emails to your missionary. 

We encourage you to share the stories with the missionaries you know and 
we hope that it provides you with an opportunity to frequently share your own testimony with those you know who are serving a mission.

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