Have Glenn Record and 
Tell Your Family's Story!

Share Your Story with Future Generations
Glenn has had many requests over the years from people asking if he would be willing to write and record stories for individual families. This is a new service that he is testing out and you can now hire Glenn to help write and record your special family history stories. 

This is an amazing way to share messages and stories from your family with future generations. 
Your finished story will be provided in both audio and video format when it is completed.

Glenn has a limited amount of slots available and this offer may only be available until he reaches max capacity.

How it Works...

  • Phase 1 - Research Glenn will contact you to interview you and learn more about the story you hope to tell. This will take place via both email and phone or video chat. 
  • Phase 2 - Photos and Videos: After talking with Glenn and providing details, it will be your responsibility to gather photos and/or video that could be used during the production of your story. 
  • Phase 3 - Writing: Glenn will begin working on your story components. This can take days and sometimes even weeks as he studies, ponders and thinks about the best way to deliver and tell your story.
  • Phase 4 - Rough Draft: Glenn will present a written draft of the story to receive feedback and make any final updates before the vocals are recorded. 
  • Phase 5 - Voice Recording: Glenn will record the audio for the story and all audio cleanup will be done. Music will be selected and matched to the audio. Music is included in the price of the story and no extra charge will made for the music. 
  • Phase 6 - Audio Approval: You will review and approve the audio story. 
  • Phase 7 - Video Editing: Our video editor will begin working on your story using the photos and video components researched by Glenn. This can sometimes be a mix of your images and other images that we have available in our library. 
  • Phase 8 - Delivery: You'll receive a file with your video as well as links to the story on a private YouTube Channel. Some videos may be shared as one of Glenn's weekly stories. 
Make your own family story a "Glenn Rawson Story"

$1,695 $895 For Up to a 5 Minute Story

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Your card will be charged $895 today and you will be contacted to schedule a time to start working on your story. The story process can take between 2-6 months depending on your ability to provide materials to Glenn. 
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