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2019-2020 Compilation Story Book

This book includes all 52 stories shared by Glenn from July of 2019 through June of 2020 as part of his weekly stories email that he sends each Sunday morning. VIP Members will receive a printed copy of this book in the mail for FREE as part of their VIP subscription.
If you were a VIP Member by Sept 15th you will receive this book FREE as part of your VIP subscription, otherwise you will receive the 
2020-21 story compilation next year as part of your subscription.

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Each story is written as short 1-3 pages so that they can be shared as a bedtime story, church talk, Come Follow Me lesson supplement or just as  book to share with a friend who needs their spirit lifted. 

This book is only available from Glenn Rawson Stories and is NOT available at Deseret Book, Seagull Book or other retail or online stores.
About the Book
In July of 2019, Glenn launched what has become known as "Glenn Rawson Stories" with the goal of sharing his uplifting stories with the world. Each week he would share his story via email. 

His goal has been to teach and share his stories with a worldwide audience and the stories are now shared with thousands of people each Sunday morning. 

This book is a compilation of all 52 stories that were shared over the first year. Most of the stories have never been published in printed format and are only available in this book and in Glenn's VIP member database.

VIP members will receive ONE copy of this book for free as part of their annual subscription.
We invite you to order this book and share it with friends and family members.

The result is Glenn's new "Tell Me the Stories of..." series. We plan to create the following books: 
  • Tell Me the Stories of... The Old Testament (Now Available)
  • ​2019-20 VIP Compilation Book (Free to VIP Members)
  • ​Tell Me the Stories of... Christmas (Coming Nov 2020)
  • Stories of Missionaries and the Work (Coming March 2021)

A Note from Glenn about the Old Testament Stories Book:

My Dear Friends,

I love the power of a good story, especially one that teaches correct principles. Some of my favorite and first stories that I have ever done were the scriptures. I began many years ago recording stories to share via radio and have continued to feel that I need to share these stories to teach and uplift others. 

These stories have been shared each week via email from July 2019 to July 2020 and I am excited to bring this book to you in printed format. Our hope is that they will help in some small way draw you closer to the arms of mercy.
The stories contained in this book are true and intended to help others feel of His spirit and gain a testimony for themselves.

Feel free to use them as needed and share them with whomever you wish.

Blessings to You,
Glenn Rawson

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