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This BOOK includes all 
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shared over the past 30 years...

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Are you looking for Short Christmas Stories?

To share during the Christmas Season

for church talks, lessons, family parties, etc?

From: Glenn Rawson
Syracuse, Utah

My Dear Friends,

Nearly 30 years ago when I was teaching seminary I realized that stories helped me connect better with my students. I began writing stories and then began producing stories for radio that would play on stations each Sunday.

Over the years I wrote several Christmas stories that were shared a handful of times during the holiday season via radio, but for the most part, these stories had never been published, shared or seen by anyone other than a few family members. they had never been assembled into a book that was available for others to use as a resource.

In 2019 we launched Glenn Rawson Stories. 

We began to assemble all of my stories into our VIP database and even created a "Christmas story" database category...

But we continued to get requests for a book of Christmas Stories that could be shared with others... 

This CHRISTMAS STORY BOOK is the RESULT of these requests. 

This new book is a compilation of all Christmas stories that I have created in past years. My hope is that these stories will be able to help you with church talks, lessons, stories you may share with family or friends or any other time that you might be needing an uplifting story to share.

Often, when we think of the Christmas story, we turn to Luke 2 or Matthew 1, and it is right that we do. Those are powerful, eye-witness accounts of the Savior’s birth. However, Christ is the Savior of all men, of all ages, from Father Adam to the final winding up scene. There is only one Savior and one name that brings salvation. It follows then that prophets and apostles, past and present, have looked to Him and wrote of Him. In so doing, they often spoke of that first Christmas, sharing insights and prophecies beyond that of Luke or Matthew. 

For the most part, this book is the telling of the Christmas story throughout the whole of the scriptures. There are other stories added in, but this book is a testimony and witness of the divinity of the Lord Christ from across the ages. 

Feel free to use them as needed and share them with whomever you wish. 

I hope I see you again somewhere in the world. 

Blessings to you,

Stories included in the book...

Over 100 pages and 29 Short Stories shared by Glenn over the past 30 years!

  • A Letter from Dad
  • ​The Music of Christmas
  • ​Christmas and the Golden Rule
  • ​Christmas Symbolism
  • ​Christmas in the Americas
  • ​Boyhood of Jesus
  • ​Mary
  • ​Simeon and Anna
  • Samuel and the Christ
  • ​Alma the Younger
  • Why Angels Sang
  • ​The Christmas Wreath
  • ​The Birth
  • ​Joseph
  • ​Ahaz's Sign
  • ​The Babe of Bethlehem
  • ​Benjamin and the Angel
  • ​Mary, the Mother of Jesus
  • ​Bethlehem and John the Baptis
  • And many more!


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